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The ISUEO-Linn County 4-H STEAM Club Met to Learn about Plant Identification

The 4-H STEAM Club provides local students the opportunity to explore the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM).

Morgan Hibbs with Linn County Farm Bureau Education Outreach was asked to present at the Monday, February 21st club meeting on the topic of plant identification.

The goal was to explore plant traits while tying in the element of art. Students had a blast identifying tree and plant samples, exploring different plant characteristics, and trying their hand at homemade wreaths! Students explored the differences between cedar, spruce and pine trees, different kinds of eucalyptus and filler greens.

Morgan demonstrated the technique to designing a wreath with the correct mechanics and principals of design.

Each student was able to take home the wreath along with more information about our Ag in the Classroom Program. What a fun night! Thank you for the invite 4-H STEAM Club!

Try this activity at home by collecting the following supplies:

wreath ring


Scissors or snippers

Different evergreen and plant samples (We used spruce, pine, cedar and eucalyptus)

Part 1: Place the samples in a ziploc bag with the labels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Create an identification key with the names. Students are to match up the sample in the bag to the correct picture in the key. Looking at characteristics such as leaf shape, color, size, texture, etc.

Part 2: Make the wreath by following the rules of 3s.

Here is a great tutorial!


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