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Processing to Consuming!

Processing to Consumer

Manchester, IA

June 19 (8:00am-5:00pm) and June 20 (8:00am-4:00pm), 2023

This fast-paced professional development will give teachers, extension personnel, and others who educate youth the skills they need to implement many of the new Iowa Core science and social studies standards. Using agriculture as the context to teach standards, course participants will integrate agriculture into science, social studies, language arts and math to make learning real and relevant for students. Participants will leave the workshop with instructional strategies, lessons, and activities that can be immediately implemented into their classroom with little or no additional effort. Student engagement and impact will be high with hands-on learning.

During one day of the course participants will learn about how agricultural products are grown and raised as they tour a farm and a feed mill. Participants will explore farm-to-table concepts of care and processing agricultural goods as they tour a vineyard and a meat locker. A second day of the course will focus on implementing lessons learned, connecting learning to science and social studies, and making it relevant to student learners. Participants will learn about the impacts of using cover crops in Iowa, the cultivation and harvesting of grapes, and more.

This workshop is hosted by Delaware, Buchanan, and Linn Co. Farm Bureau in collaboration with the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation.

Fees & Credit: The two-day in-person workshop is free to attend and includes on-site tours, hands-on activities, resource materials, lunches and more! One licensure renewal credit is available from AEA for $35. One graduate credit is available through Drake University, Grandview University, and Morningside College for $130.

Register to attend: Registration can be done online by creating an account in the Professional Learning Registration System. Once an account is created (which could take up to 24 hours), login and search for course number 205211. Then follow the links to register for the course.

Processing to Consumer is one of ten summer workshops hosted by the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation. For a complete list of dates and locations visit:


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