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Gym-Eat-Cricket FarmChat

We had fun touring Gym-N-Eat Crickets LLC for our spring FarmChat! It was so fascinating to learn all about how Shelby raises crickets for human consumption!

Shelby Smith is originally from Ames, Iowa where she grew up on a corn and soybean farm. She moved to Ireland to play basketball after graduating from Saint Joseph's University in Philidelphia.

After working in the bank industry for a few years, Shelby felt called to move back to Iowa. In 2017, Shelby's dad encouraged her to explore niche farming as a way to add value to their conventional row crop operation. In 2018 she landed on crickets and by January 10th, she had ordered her first 10,000 crickets.

Shelby is very passionate about lifting, running and biking. Her logo design shows a cricket lifting heavy weights. Crickets are rich in protein and can provide many nutritional benefits.

Gym-Eat-Crickets strives in producing high quality crunchy snacks, cricket bars and protein powder.

Why eat crickets?

60% protein by volume

High in calcium

Source of omega-6 and omega-3

High in iron

Gluten free

Contains B12

Low in fat

Visit her FAQs for more information FAQs | Gymneatcrickets

We have created a few worksheets to compliment the video! Download them below.

Cricket review:

Cricket Review (1)
Download PDF • 298KB

All about crickets:

All about Crickets! (1)
Download PDF • 178KB

How do crickets grow?

How do Crickets grow (2)
Download PDF • 231KB


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