Modes of Ag Transportation

This week during our virtual ag classroom we will be focusing on transportation in agriculture. The definition of transportation is the movement of people or goods from one place to another. To begin ask yourself the following questions; How does food get to the grocery store? Who transports our food? What are the truck drivers hauling on the interstate? What are the different modes of agriculture transportation? According to our National Ag in the Classroom lesson, By Land, Air or Sea, the term supply chain is used to describe the sequence of processes involved in the production, processing, and distribution of a commodity (a product of agriculture that can be bought or sold). Transportatio

Virtual Ag Classroom

Welcome to our first week of virtual learning! We are in a difficult but temporary season and for the foreseeable future we will be learning online. While this can seem daunting, we hope these resources will be easy to use and educational! Each week we will introduce a new theme on our Linn County Facebook page with a read-aloud book, activity sheets (downloads available on our website), STEM activity and video. Themes include; pizza, pollinators, beef, transportation, pork, farmers market, wheat, planting, careers, and sustainability. First week: PIZZA! We would love to see your participation! Share your photos with us by posting them in the comments section or by emailing them to mhibbs@if

Why Celebrate Ag Week?

National Ag Week is celebrated March 23rd-March 28th. Why celebrate ag week? Iowa is a leading producer of agriculture products and roughly only 2% of Iowans live on a farm. Our students are becoming generationally removed from the farm and yet we all interact with agriculture 100+ times a day. Agriculture provides us with our basic needs; food, clothing, and shelter! Agriculture provides local connections to math, science and social studies concepts. By offering agriculture in the classroom we can create real-world STEM opportunities. The National Agriculture Literacy Themes align with 90 Iowa Core science standards. National Agriculture Literacy Themes: 1. Agriculture & the Environment 2

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