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We are dedicated to teaching kids about agriculture and where their food comes from. By doing this, we create a more educated workforce, some of which will go into the food industry and continue to feed America into the future.


Students will work in groups to research and develop a presentation about where their pizza ingredients come from. Classrooms will be provided a kit that includes materials about pork, dairy, beef, vegetables, and wheat. The program will run for four weeks. Email Morgan Hibbs at to learn more! 

Grade: 4th grade


Recommended schedule:

  • Week 1: Pizz-A-thon introduction, review the rubric, and break the class into groups. 

  • Week 2: Research ingredient using publications in the kit or from the links on the resource document.

  • Week 3: Students prepare presentation.

  • Week 4: Finish and present research. Have an optional pizza party with a cracker pizza snack (Ritz cracker, sauce, cheese and pepperoni). 

  • Week 5: Return kit.

Can you grow a pizza in your garden? Maybe not a whole pizza...

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