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Why Celebrate Ag Week?

National Ag Week is celebrated March 23rd-March 28th. Why celebrate ag week? Iowa is a leading producer of agriculture products and roughly only 2% of Iowans live on a farm. Our students are becoming generationally removed from the farm and yet we all interact with agriculture 100+ times a day. Agriculture provides us with our basic needs; food, clothing, and shelter!

Agriculture provides local connections to math, science and social studies concepts. By offering agriculture in the classroom we can create real-world STEM opportunities. The National Agriculture Literacy Themes align with 90 Iowa Core science standards.

National Agriculture Literacy Themes:

1. Agriculture & the Environment 2. Plants & Animals for Food, Fiber & Energy 3. Food, Health & Lifestyle 4. Culture, Society, Economy & Geography 5. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

How can you participate in National Ag Week?

1. Read an ag book:

2. Share your ag story on social media and use the following hashtags:

3. Include an ag lesson in your spring curriculum!

I shared six engaging lessons on our Facebook page. Lessons are easy to set up and include minimal supplies! Email for more information.

4. Schedule a spring FarmChat.

5. Enjoy seven fun facts about agriculture! Take a screen-shot and share it with your students and on social media!

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