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Minute to Win it Ag Edition Summer Activities!

Minute to Win it Ag Edition Summer Activities!

By popular request, our Minute to Win it Ag Edition summer activities are now available to download! This year's summer theme is Minute to Win it! Each month we will post different activities that correspond to the monthly theme.

Along with the minute challenge, you will receive a worksheet for each activity and an Ag mag that matches the theme. The Minute to Win it challenges and complimentary activities will provide a real-world connection to agriculture. Have fun and explore the importance of ag in our great state!

Iowa is a leading state for many agricultural commodities and by offering Agriculture in the Classroom we can create real-world STEM opportunities.

In June we will explore the many commodities we grow in Iowa and their importance to our everyday lives.

Listed below are the activities for June!

-Ag Bracelet: Students will explore many of Iowa’s commodities in agriculture by making an ag bracelet in a fun and competitive way. Farms vary in Iowa and across the world. Farmers may raise many types of plants and animals, while others specialize in just one or two things. Corn, pigs, dairy, beef, soybeans, and chickens are all related to agriculture in many ways and are raised by farmers worldwide! Iowa ranks high in the following commodities:

Corn - Dent or field corn makes up 99% of the corn planted in Iowa. This is primarily used for livestock feed, ethanol, and manufactured goods.

Pigs - There are 20 million more pigs in Iowa than people! There are pig farmers in every Iowa county.

Dairy cattle - Iowa ranks 12th in total milk production nationally and 8th in milk production per cow.

Beef cattle - Cattle are raised in all 99 Iowa counties and as of January 1, 2022, all cattle and calves totaled 3.85 million head.

Soybeans - Iowa farmers rank second nationally in soybean production and have become a major crop in Iowa.

Chickens - Iowa produces enough eggs to provide an egg a day for the world for 2 days.

-Bean Bounce: Students will learn all about soybeans through an interactive and fun activity. Soybeans are used in many ways in agriculture. They are a highly valuable legume crop that aids in nitrogen reducing the need for nitrogen fertilizers. They are also an excellent source of protein production. Soybeans are used for livestock feed, biodiesel, vegetable oil, meat alternatives, and soy milk. 70 percent of the soybeans grown in the United States are used for animal feed.

-Breakfast Scramble: Students will explore the Iowa Commodities commonly used to make our favorite cereals! Iowa Agriculture makes up a variety of different foods that we eat everyday. This is no different from what we eat for breakfast. Cereal comes from a variety of different products that are produced by local farmers. Soybeans and Corn are two very common commodities that are planted in Iowa Soil and used in many cereals and other food products around the world.

Oooo sounds like fun! Let's begin!

Additional June resources:

Be sure to let us know what you think of our June Minute to Win it activities!


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