Virtual Learning Opportunities

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Linn County Education Outreach
Return2Learn Plan:

Linn County Education Outreach plans to goes virtual for the 2020/21 school year. While we are sad to not join you in the classroom, we are excited about the opportunities that technology can provide. 


Why Teach Agriculture?

Agriculture provides local connections to math, science and social studies concepts. By offering agriculture in the classroom we can create real-world STEM opportunities. Did you know our National Agriculture Literacy Themes align with 90 Iowa Core science standards? 


National Agriculture Literacy Themes: 

1. Agriculture & the Environment 
2. Plants & Animals for Food, Fiber & Energy 
3. Food, Health & Lifestyle 
4. Culture, Society, Economy & Geography 
5. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics


We would like to help you incorporate agriculture into your "Return to Learn" plan this fall with the following options. 


Monthly visits: Experience agriculture in your own classroom by inviting Linn County Farm Bureau Education Outreach to virtually visit your classroom once a month. Visits typically last between 30 and 45 minutes. Lessons are Iowa Core aligned. 


- Option one: Monthly kits with pre-recorded videos introducing lesson, materials, and scheduled virtual chat

- Option two: Monthly kits with pre-recorded video and materials with no scheduled chat

- Option three: Monthly lesson materials sent by email or available to download from website


Unit kit delivery (i.e. hatching, planting, soil, harvest, etc.)


FarmChat®: Take a field trip without leaving the classroom. Through FarmChat®, we can visit a farm or agriculture business through virtual technology. 


Publications (by request): My Family Farm Series, Iowa Ag Today Magazines, Flat Aggie Adventures (dairy, pork and turkey). 


We can't wait to connect! Email Morgan Hibbs at mhibbs@ifbf.org with any concerns or comments! 


*Plans are not set and stone, we are evaluating feedback from teachers and will implement one or all of the options above to best meet the needs of our Linn County teachers. Plans are subject to change as we receive new recommendations due to COVID-19. 




Additional resources: 

Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation Virtual Lessons 

National Ag in the Classroom E-Learning 

Email mhibbs@ifbf.org for more information! 

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