Intro to Ag Recap

Welcome back! Our Education Outreach Program is offering monthly agriculture kits to Linn County teachers and families. Kits meet Iowa core standards and provide youth with real-world connections to science and social studies concepts.. This month, we delivered 10 kits to preK-middle school students. Kits cover a new topic each month incorporating the importance of agriculture, value of ag concepts and ag careers September monthly lessons Preschool and kindergarten: “How to Grow a Pizza.” Students explore where their favorite pizza ingredients come from and how they grow. 1st grade: students discover the difference between living and nonliving things. This lesson includes building a terrariu

Fueled by Soybeans

I participated in a super fun breakout session all about soybeans during the 2020 virtual National Ag in the Classroom Conference. Presenters from American Farm Bureau Foundation for Ag and Ford Motors demonstrated the many uses for soybeans and how to easily integrate soybeans into lessons relating to STEM. Our virtual middle school lesson, Fueled by Soybeans, was modified with the resources provided during the NAITC conference. Lesson objective: Students will explore the history of Ford Motor and discover how soybeans play a large role in the production of cars today. Corn and soybean fields can be seen for miles when traveling through our beautiful state but why do Iowa farmers grow so ma

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