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Why Teach Agriculture?

Agriculture provides local connections to math, science and social studies 

concepts. By offering agriculture in the classroom we can create real-world STEM opportunities. The National Agriculture Literacy Themes align with 90 Iowa Core science standards. 

National Agriculture Literacy Themes: 

1. Agriculture & the Environment 
2. Plants & Animals for Food, Fiber & Energy 
3. Food, Health & Lifestyle 
4. Culture, Society, Economy & Geography 
5. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

About Morgan, Education Outreach Coordinator 
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Morgan Hibbs serves as the Education Outreach Coordinator for Linn County Farm Bureau. Morgan received her bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Communications from Iowa State University and is passionate about agriculture education.


In her current role, Morgan manages the program and visits classrooms preK-12 monthly to bring awareness to the importance of Agriculture.


She resides in Johnson County with her husband, Tyler and son, Dean. In her free time, Morgan likes to blog about home-grown flowers and life on a beef farm. 

About Paige, Education Outreach Intern

Paige McGovern


The Education Outreach Intern will gain agriculture education experience by preparing lesson materials, managing digital content and developing curriculum in accordance with the mission and goals of the education outreach program.


Paige is a student at the University of Northern Iowa where she is studying child psychology and journalism. Her hobbies include writing, horseback riding, and spending time with my family and friends. She grew up on a family farm in Central City.


“Agriculture has always been a significant factor in my life, and I hope to spread the importance of ag to future generations,” says Paige.

Teacher Testimonials! 

"I loved being able to provide our children with science topics that are more local to our area."


"Exposed kids to things and topics that many of them have never been exposed to or had experiences with. Hands-on activities are awesome!"


"Any time kids can have hands on learning, then the topics have a high level of engagement and an impact on their learning. Morgan always had topics that kids enjoyed and either had an activity or taste-test to really help keep them engaged in their learning."


"I have seen improvements over the course of the past few years and am impressed with the level of engagement and how well the lessons complement what we are doing in the classrooms. The only change that I wish we could see would be MORE visits! :-)"


"I loved the layout of the lessons. For Kindergarten students especially there was a quick teaching or reading a story and then the students were able to explore. I think the hands-on piece is important for their little bodies and that is sometimes how they learn the best!"


"I love that the program reaches all levels of students and lets them be hands-on!"


"The lessons are developmentally appropriate for the kindergarten aged student. They incorporate literature, questioning and response, and tie the lesson up with a highly engaging activity. The lessons are the perfect amount of time. Morgan is a fantastic facilitator and understands the young learner. That is critical! The students look forward to her visits each month! Morgan is willing to share her expertise outside the lesson time. She is a wealth of knowledge about agricultural literature and other resources that may enhance learning that we are doing."