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Virtual Ag Classroom

Welcome to our first week of virtual learning! We are in a difficult but temporary season and for the foreseeable future we will be learning online. While this can seem daunting, we hope these resources will be easy to use and educational!

Each week we will introduce a new theme on our Linn County Facebook page with a read-aloud book, activity sheets (downloads available on our website), STEM activity and video.

Themes include; pizza, pollinators, beef, transportation, pork, farmers market, wheat, planting, careers, and sustainability.

First week: PIZZA!

We would love to see your participation! Share your photos with us by posting them in the comments section or by emailing them to

Additional resources:

Iowa Ag Literacy Foundation: Online activities for grades K-5 and 6-12!

Flat Aggie Adventures: Flat Aggie Adventures is a six-month newsletter series geared towards a 3rd-5th grade reading level. Newsletter content meets both literacy and science Iowa Core Standards. Flat Aggie visits the different stages in the life-cycle of dairy and pork.

FarmChat: We are still offering FarmChats! Take your students on a virtual field trip by scheduling a visit and sharing the link with your students! We will also be conducting a few live FarmChats on our Facebook page!

Podcast: Welcome to Outstanding in their Field, a podcast that celebrates the people who grow food and those who teach about it.

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