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Homeschool Families stepped into a Day in the Life of a Linn County Farmer.

Monday, May 10th - Jason Russell and his daughter, Harper, hosted an estimate of 50 people on their farm during a field trip coordinated by Marion Homeschool Assistance Program and Linn County Farm Bureau Education Outreach.

Jason raises wean to finish hogs, sheep, a few chickens, and cows. He also grows crops including corn, soybeans, flax, chickpeas, and hay. Jason asked eight-year-old, Harper, to catch one of the bottle calves. She appeared to know a lot about her animal as she led the calf to the group. Students had the chance to pet the calf and ask questions. Harper did a great job sharing her knowledge of the farm.

Students also heard about the conservation practices and renewable energy utilized on the farm. Jason gave the group a tour of their hog site, which has both wind and solar energy. He talked about his practice of no-till and cover crops. The students were able to see first-hand the sustainability involved in the Russell farm.

It appeared that parents enjoyed the field trip as much as the students. Many people are generations removed from the farm and the field trip provided an opportunity for the families to chat with a local farmer.

Families were provided a take-home AG WEEK kit full of resources and educational activities to keep the conversation going. Visit to learn more about our program.


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