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National Read a Book Day

National Read a Book Day is September 6, 2018! I plan to celebrate with the current book I am reading called "The Apartment." It takes place in New York City where 4 friends are pursuing individual start-up careers. I have a feeling it will be one I can't put down!

How do you plan to celebrate? I encourage you to consider reading an accurate agriculture book to your students. And I highlight accurate because there are so many wonderful books available that portray REAL photographs and stories of how our food is grown and raised. I have compiled a few of my favorites below.

How Did that Get in My Lunch Box? Takes a look at the steps involved in producing some of our common foods we would include in our school lunch box. Great for grades K-3.

John Deere That's Who: Takes us back to the early days when John Deere changed history by inventing the steel plow. Great for ages 2nd-5th.

Seed, Soil and Sun: This great book walks us through Earth's recipe for food. Written for ages K-3rd.

Sleep Tight Farm: Follows one family's journey to preparing for winter on the farm. Great for K-2nd.

Time for Cranberries: Is a fun read for all ages! From a bog to the Thanksgiving table, Time for Cranberries walks us through how to harvest the delicious fruit!

Share with us through Facebook or by emailing a picture of your class reading an agriculture book and you may just be featured in the local pages of the Iowa Farm Bureau Spokesman! Happy National Read a Book Day!

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