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Intro to Ag Recap

Welcome back! Our Education Outreach Program is offering monthly agriculture kits to Linn County teachers and families. Kits meet Iowa core standards and provide youth with real-world connections to science and social studies concepts.. This month, we delivered 10 kits to preK-middle school students. Kits cover a new topic each month incorporating the importance of agriculture, value of ag concepts and ag careers

September monthly lessons

Preschool and kindergarten: “How to Grow a Pizza.” Students explore where their favorite pizza ingredients come from and how they grow.

1st grade: students discover the difference between living and nonliving things. This lesson includes building a terrarium with rocks, soil and seeds. Students explore how certain products are made from plants and animals.

2nd grade: “Iowa in a Bag.” Students learn about Iowa commodities, what common products come from Iowa livestock and the necessities needed to grow plants and crops.

3rd grade: Agriculture Web. This lesson includes a fun activity that teaches students about what products come from ag such as livestock and crops.

4th and 5th grade: soil. Students learn how soil impacts seed and plant growth. This kit also teaches about the importance of soil and ways farmers are practicing good conservation methods.

Middle school: Fueled by Soybeans. Students will learn about the history of Henry Ford Motor and the production of soybean byproducts. Activities will focus on unexpected products and the contribution of soybeans in the manufacturing of Ford cars.

Each kit includes a packet explaining the contents of the kit as well as instructions for each activity. Lessons also include worksheets and activity materials that allow students to learn information about agriculture in a fun and educational manner.

Our lessons and content can be found on our website ( under the 2020/21 Virtual Learning tab in the tools bar. Introductory videos, worksheets, magazines, lesson plans, and crafts/activities can also be found for each available grade in this section of the website. We also have videos explaining the content of each grade’s kits and activities on our facebook page.

Each month will have a new theme but the overall contents and steps will remain similar. We are excited to provide students and teachers with the opportunity to inform youth about the importance of agriculture.


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