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Turkey Time!

It is turkey time! We have compiled a list of our favorite Ag in the Classroom resources and lesson plans! Learn all about raising turkeys with our FarmChat, Flat Aggie Series and more!

1)Turkey FarmChat

Join us as we tour an Iowa Turkey Farm! Ron takes us into the barns to get a closer look at the bird care as we gear up for Thanksgiving.

2)On the Farm Turkey Talk: Care on the Farm

The Iowa Turkey Federation chats about the care on the farm and the standards for raising turkeys in Iowa!

3)Turkey Flat Aggie Adventures Newsletter Series

We have a complete series on our website available for download. Check it out to learn about human nutrition, turkey poults, turkey care, mature turkeys, technology and transportation.

4)My Family's Turkey Farm Book

Adam takes us on a tour of his family's turkey farm! The My Family Turkey Farm books is perfect for students in 3rd-5th grade! Read aloud or have the students read it on their own for research activities!

5)First grade turkey lifecycle lesson plan

Visit our website for a complete lesson plan perfect for lower elementary! We are talking; life cycle, sequencing, matching game, labeling worksheet and more!


The oven is undoubtedly the go-to method for roasting that whole turkey to perfect. The Iowa Turkey Federation is breaking it down to help you make the most of your turkey dinner!

Here are turkey recipes for everyday!

Food safety reminders below!


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