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Teacher Ag Day Giveaway

Agriculture is the backbone of our nation and one of the most diverse career paths in the world. All throughout history, agriculture has been learned, taught, failed, and remodeled for success. As time went on, we’ve implemented agriculture into our education systems in order to continue to develop agriculture, guiding youth towards a successful future in agricultural careers. On September 16th, Linn County Education Outreach hosted a giveaway over Facebook with a prize of two agriculture books and a t-shirt! The winner of our giveaway was: Natalee Offerman-Havel.

This giveaway was hosted in celebration of those who are helping form the future of agriculture. Teaching the basics of agriculture and farming help connect the farm to the consumer, but also brings awareness to how agriculture is a sustainable industry. We hosted this giveaway because we believe in the importance of teaching agriculture in our homes, schools, and communities. Agriculture provides connections to math, science, and social studies concepts in many different ways. Teaching agriculture in classrooms allows real-world STEM opportunities that can inspire youth’s future either by going directly into that career or simply informing others. Even if a student doesn’t go into an agricultural career, the skills they’ve learned within these agricultural lessons and activities can be implemented into their everyday lives and future careers.


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