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National Pork Month - 2021

It’s National Pork Month! October is an entire four weeks dedicated towards celebrating pork farmers and consuming the delicious, juicy pork products they’ve raised. As October is typically the time of year when pigs are sent to market, it’s been the pork-dedicated month throughout history. To raise more awareness for National Pork Month, here’s some fun facts about our favorite porky friends!

  • Pigs can recognize each other from speech!

    • Pigs understand the individual voices of other pigs. Piglets discover the distinct tone of their mother’s voices at an early age.

  • Pigs have sixteen toes!

    • And they’re selective about them! While they have 16 toes, pigs will only ever walk on 8 of them.

  • Pigs are ecologically important.

    • Pigs help dig up and redistribute soil, making them extremely important in our global ecosystem by helping plants disperse and grow!

  • Pigs are statistically reckless.

    • Feral pigs have caused more than $1 billion worth of damage a year in the U.S.! They’re prone to trampling over crops and pushing out wildlife.

  • Pigs taste big!

    • Humans have around 9,000 taste buds but pigs have around 15,000! Meaning they taste things to a whole nother extent.

  • Pigs are medical heroes!

    • Pigs are used to help make important medications like insulin and pain killers. Pigs’ heart valves are also used to make human heart valves! They last around 15 years according to Harvard Health Publishing!

  • One pig, 185 different products.

    • Pig 05049 was a pig raised in the Netherlands who’s byproducts were documented and observed by Christien Meindertsma. This single pig was found to have contributed to 185 different products.

  • American’s eat 50 pounds of pork per year.

    • The U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service says that the average American consumes around 50 pounds of pork per year!

As a tribute to say thank you to pork farmer’s across the nation, here’s some recipes you can make with the most popular meat across the world - pork!

From a filling breakfast to a juicy dinner dish to a sweet-and-salty dessert - pork can be made into any meal! Bacon, pork chops, ribs, and more - explore these recipes and other websites to help celebrate National Pork Month.


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