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Mitchell Hora Chats with CPU about Cover Crops

Melissa James, teacher at Center Point-Urbana High School, invited Mitchell Hora to speak with the class about cover crops on March 25th, 2021. Mitchell is a 7th generation farmer in Washington County and founder of Continuum Ag.

Hora said, "it takes time to build up soil health, but soon the worms and other microbes begin to work for us." Mitchell and his family have been practicing no-till farming for over 40 years and have been applying cover crops for the last six.

Using virtual technology, Mitchell was able to show the students the cover crops in real-time. They planted a mix of cereal rye, radishes, and hairy vetch. The cover crop looks to be growing well after the spring rains we have seen.

Hora concluded by saying, "it is important to remember the biology and not just the chemistry. We need to provide food to the microbes if we want to see improvements in the soil health over time."

Check out Home - CONTINUUM AG to learn more. Continuum Ag helps identifies soil health drivers and offers a "roadmap" to soil improvement.


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