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Let's Elevate Our Outreach

On Wednesday, September 15th, and Thursday, September 16th, Education Outreach Coordinators from all across Iowa got together to discuss how to make a successful brand.

The Elevate Conference brought together Farm Bureau employees from all counties to help increase our community impact. Tips and tricks were shared with these participants on how to improve social media views, FarmChat equipment recommendations, and how to improve video editing skills. Fellow Outreach Coordinators shared their own experiences with hosting events, giving others new ideas on giveaways, events to host, or activities to include in classrooms or social media that might increase interaction rates.

Participants left this conference with tons of new information, new connections, and plenty of motivation towards improving Education Outreach. The information learned at this conference was extremely useful with both new and current employees who all have a common goal of wanting to expand the community’s knowledge on agriculture and doing this successfully. #TeachAg!


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