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Flat Aggie Adventures: Turkey Edition

Most people recognize November as the month filled with fall colors, harvest, and, of course, turkey! Linn, Buchanan, Scott, and Delaware County Ag in the Classroom programs came together to create Flat Aggie Adventures: Turkey Edition.

Flat Aggie Adventures is a series of informational newsletters for 3rd-5th grade reading levels. These pieces are uploaded monthly over a six-month period with content that meets the Iowa Core Standards for science and literacy. Turkey farmers, Diane Rinner of Washington County and Katie Hermanson of Story County, helped create this edition of Flat Aggie Adventures to provide local classrooms, homeschool families and Farm Bureau members an opportunity to tour an Iowa turkey farm.

Flat Aggie Adventures: Turkey Edition allows readers to learn about the different stages throughout a turkey flock's life as well as nutrition, technology, fun facts, and much more. This month, the first issue of Flat Aggie Adventures: Nutrition is available on our website and Facebook. Each month a new issue will be released.

Flat Aggie Adventures provides students with a real-world example to practice reading skills, explore raising turkey, increase knowledge regarding agriculture and agricultural careers, and so much more. Below, a preview of the first Flat Aggie edition is attached. Visit our website ( for more information and to see the full first issue.


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