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FarmChat® Friday Recordings Available!

This summer we went live on Facebook from local farms and ag businesses to share the story of the diversity in Iowa agriculture.

FarmChat® is a unique program that utilizes technology (Skype, Facebook, FaceTime and other software platforms) to bring the farm experience directly to the community. The series is now available for teachers to utilize in their classrooms. FarmChat® is a great virtual alternative to in-person field trips that still provides a new experience. Take the students on a tour of a farm or agriculture business without leaving the safety of the classroom.

Iowa State University Jack Trice: Jack Trice FarmChat - YouTube

All about Pork: Pork FarmChat - YouTube

Our summer series was brought to you by: River Bend Ag In The Classroom, Delaware County Farm Bureau, Linn County Education Outreach and Buchanan County Farm Bureau.

Here is the link to our 2020 FarmChat Friday series Free FarmChat® Series Available for Classrooms! (


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