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Abby, 2022 Iowa Ms. Agritourism, celebrated Read Across Iowa Month with us!

March is #ReadAcrossIowa Month and what better way to celebrate than with royalty! Abby joined us for three Ag in the classroom lessons in which she read Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation My Family’s Soybean Farm by Katie Olthoff.

Read Across Iowa is a special event held on the 1st of March 2022 and is celebrated throughout the month of March to help motivate kids to read. The month-long celebrations bring the joys of reading to students of all ages and make all children feel valued and welcomed. The 2022 theme is Farm to Table and what better way to celebrate than with the reading of an accurate agriculture story about a family here in Iowa.

Abby holds many important titles but as she says, "farming is the one I am most proud of." Abby shared with the students the importance of supporting local farms through agvocacy and agritourism.

According the website, "Miss United States Agriculture is an organization that encourages women in agriculture to teach and enhance the American Agricultural Story. Since the launch of this program agriculture advocacy has spread across the United States covering all ages!" The Miss Agritourism Queen acts as an ambassador and educator for the agritourism industry in their state. They educate on what sets their state apart and why tourism is so important.

Agritourism is a commercial enterprise at any agricultural location, including horticultural and agribusiness operations, conducted for the enjoyment of visitors that generates supplemental tourism income for the farmer.

Abby shared with the students 12 fun agritourism locations to visit here in Iowa!

1. Pride of the Wapsi, Long Grove

2. Bloomsbury Farm, Atkins

3. Wells Ice Cream Parlor, Le Mars

4. Bluff Lake Catfish Farm, Maquoketa

5. Buffalo Bill Cody Homestead, Princeton

6. Cinnamon Ridge Farm, Donahue

7. Hansens Farm Fresh Dairy, Hudson

8. Living History Farms, Des Moines

9. Colony Pumpkin Patch, Iowa City

10. Appleberry Orchard, Donnelson

11. Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch, Fredericksburg

12. Doe's and Diva's Goal Dairy, Honey Creek

If you check out the farms above, let us know! We would love to hear all about it!


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