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5 Local Summer Ag Activities for Kids!

Howdy! Summer seems to fly by but there are also days when you are twiddling your thumbs, trying to keep your kids busy, am I right? My sister, Megan, and I both have flexible summer schedules and therefore we meet up almost daily. For the most part we walk, go to the park, visit the splash pad, etc. but it is our goal to try one new thing a week. I thought I would share with you a few of the fun treasures we have found locally!

The Iowa Children's Museum: Their mission is to inspire children to imagine, create, discover and explore through the Power of Play! The museum offers a variety of different rooms including; a grocery store, pizza restaurant, hospital, post office, art room, space ship, aircraft, STEM, music and more! I was really excited to see the grocery store room connected to agriculture. Above the different isles, there were pictures of modern day agriculture pictures. For example, above the milk cartons there were pictures of dairy cows being milked in a parlor. They also had a farmers market which was neat. I loved that they showcased the diversity of Iowa agriculture. Dean LOVED the children's museum but I think he will get even more out of it in a few years. I would say the museum would be perfect for kindergarten through third grade students!

Coralville Mall Play Area: OKAY YOU GUYS... Dean loved this play area as much as the museum haha but, you have to remember he is one. I loved the play area too, not only is it free but kids can run around in a small confined area. The jungle gym is soft and seems pretty safe for kids to climb on. The theme is Iowa City and I love that they included Wilson's Apple Orchard and corn fields! Definitely recommend if you need to do some school shopping. I would say the play area is good for toddlers up to pre-school age.

Library programs/summer camps: Checkout your local library and extension offerings. Iowa State Extension and Outreach Linn County 4-H offers quality summer day camps in our community. The day-long camps are educational, interactive, and sure to keep your child's attention. Linn County Farm Bureau is partnering with ISUEO-Linn County and local libraries to offer fun agriculture activities.

County Fair: Linn County Fair has wrapped up for 2022 but the Johnson, Jones, and Muscatine County fairs are just right around the corner. Fair is the perfect time for your children to interact with agriculture, particularly livestock. Most county fairs have a youth day where they will offer additional activities. Fair is my favorite part of summer! I love the festive and community vibes!

Dan and Debbie's Creamery: Who doesn't love ice cream? Dan and Debbie's Creamery produces farm fresh dairy products including cheese curds, hand crafted ice cream, and cream top milk in Ely. Visit during a time when they are making cheese and watch through the visitor window! The family has a rich farming history and it is a neat one to check out!

Let us know if you visit one of these places or if you have additional gems we should know about! It is always fun to share ideas with one another.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and stay cool! Maybe cool off with some homemade ice cream... wink wink haha.

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