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More than 60 Students explored Ag Careers at the 2021 STEAM II Institute!

The STEAM II Institute is a collaboration of University of Iowa Health Care and Workplace Learning Connection. The 10th annual two-day career exploration event is hosted at the Linn County Regional Center.

The STEAM Institute II provides local 7th grade students the opportunity to hear from professionals in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM). The students attend three twenty-five-minute sessions to help start get them inspired for potential career paths.

Linn County Farm Bureau Education Outreach was represented with a session titled, Grafting Careers in Agriculture. More than 60 students explored careers in agriculture through apple grafting, building a farm web and identifying major Ag commodities!

Students were asked to recap one new thing they learned about ag, this is what they said; “I didn’t know cotton came from a plant,” “I didn’t realize corn was used to make so many different products,” “It is kind of cool that there more pigs in Iowa than people,” and “I didn’t realize the job possibilities in agriculture.” To learn more about ag careers, visit or visit


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