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Food, Garden and Ag!

On Tuesday, June 2, 2020 Morgan Hibbs, Linn County Farm Bureau Education Outreach Coordinator, partnered with Cindy Hall, Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation Education Program Manager, to host Food, Garden and Ag; an online training for implementing a school garden.

Local daycare providers with Community Coordinated Child Care (4Cs) came together to learn about the importance of connecting students to where and how their food is grown.

The hour and a half online workshop focused on the importance of gardening with children, learning connections, literacy opportunities and building a school garden with tips and tricks.

Why garden with children? Gardening provides opportunities for responsibility, learning, nutrition, and fun! The outdoors can promote sensory interactions and learning connections to science, math, social studies and literacy.

Books, lessons and resources:


- The Thing about Bees, So you want to Grow a Taco?, Achoo!, My Family's Apple Farm, The Honeybee Man, The Tiny Seed, and so many more!


- Seed germination necklaces, mini greenhouse, seed bombs, seed tape, pollinator tube, garden games, plant labels, soil paint, seed letters.


- Iowa Ag Literacy Foundation

- Linn County Education Outreach

- National Ag in the Classroom

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