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Virtual Ag Classroom Wrap Up

Hello friends! I hope this blog post finds you well and healthy! We are wrapping up our last week of virtual learning. For the last nine weeks we introduced a new theme on our Linn County Facebook page. Each unit included a read-aloud book, activity sheets (downloads available on our website), STEM activity and video/FarmChat®.

Week One: PIZZA

During week one we focused on where the toppings for pizza come from! Did you know you can grow a whole pizza? It might be hard to raise a cow or pig in your backyard but our read-aloud demonstrates how to grow all of the ingredients for the tomato sauce! Other activities included a pizza snack, research project, "How does it Grow" YouTube videos and a pizza AgMag!


Week two was a super fun week for me! I hopped in the truck with my brother, Michael, and recorded a video about the "Day in the Life" of a semi-driver! Transportation is essential to agriculture! Goods travel by truck, plane, barge, and railroad. Activities included a video interview with Michael, float the boat and Pringle challenge STEM activity, supply chain cards and Iowa Ag Today Issue 4!

Week Three: HATCHING

Our hatching week was brought to you in partnership with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Linn County! This was a super special week for us, we are normally hatching chicks in the classroom but since that wasn't possible this year, we hatched chicks in the office! Scroll down on our Facebook page to observe live candling and hatching! Other activities included a FarmChat with Lucky Star Farm at the end of the week, BINGO, and a hatching workbook!

Week Four: BEEF

Our beef unit was one of my favorites! We raise beef cows on our farm and I was able to do a FarmChat with my dad, Rick Ball, and sister, Megan Johnson. We also learned about Temple Grandin and the incredible work she has done for the beef industry. Other activities included a "build a calf" genetics lab, math worksheet, and the Iowa Ag Literacy Foundation "My Family's Beef Farm."


Week five brought together a lot of the agriculture friends I have made over the years! I put a request on Facebook to see photos of farm dogs and the response was amazing! Our four-legged farm friend theme was super fun! We began the week with farm dogs; continued with pigs, dairy cows, and wrapped up with a live goat FarmChat!


Our insects and pollinators unit is very timely! Spring is here and summer is right around the corner! Learn how to make seed bombs and a flower origami! Other activities include read-aloud stories and fun pollinator videos!


Most of the farmers around here are wrapping up their 2020 planting season! During week seven, we had fun learning about seed germination, corn diversity, and how to make corn plastic! Our planting unit also included two great videos from our Board of Directors, Tim Keegan and Nate Hofmann.


Sustainability is important to all of us and during week eight we dug into renewable energy, composting, cover crops and watersheds! Other activities included a water test, Journey 2050 online game, and a STEM engineering activity.


Farmers market was our last unit theme! We had a great week learning about the types of products sold at markets, how different plants grow and the technology utilized. Activities included a FarmChat with a small cut-flower garden, fruit and vegetable BINGO, math worksheets and online games!

Even though we are officially wrapping up our weekly units, it is not too late to participate! All of our activities are perfect for SUMMER! We would love to see your participation! Share your photos with us by emailing them to Visit our website to learn more!

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