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There is warmth in the air, we have seeds germinating in the classroom and hatching applications have been submitted; must mean spring is almost here! March is by far my favorite month of the year... we begin with my birthday (March 9th) continue with the first day of spring (March 19th) and conclude with National Ag Week (March 22nd-28th).

For those of you who didn't know, I am a twin. This year is a pretty big birthday for us, the big 25! Some people might think it is a bummer to share a birthday with a sibling but I think it is a blast. It is so fun to celebrate with someone that is equally excited as you. I like to say that our birthday is not so much a day but a week. Anyone else love their birthday? A whole day dedicated to you? ITS AWESOME! I get to choose where we eat, what kind of cake (usually ice cream) and the activity. Last year we went dancing and Megan got engaged. I am not sure how we can top that but we will certainly try!

The first day of spring is March 19th! Our cows will begin calving here in the next month or two. it is always fun to see babies running around in the pasture. Spring is also the time we start our flower seed indoors. We will plant our small seedlings into the sun warmed soil in just a few short months.

Just like the farm, Ag in the Classroom programming is picking up! Our upcoming scheduled is full with spring monthly lessons, plant units, hatching, Pizz-A-Thon and Ag in the Park!

We celebrate National Ag Week March 22nd through the 28th. Why celebrate? Agriculture is a great way to provide real-world examples that meet science and social studies standards. Linn County Farm Bureau Education Outreach serves as a local resource for educators who want to teach about agriculture. Iowa is a leading producer of agriculture products and yet only 2% of Americans live on a farm and as consumers and producers we need to lessen the gap.

We hope you join in on the fun! Follow us on Facebook to participate! We will be posting quick ag activities, jokes and fun facts all week long!

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