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Over 3,000 7th grade students from Linn and Benton County attended the STEM II Institute hosted by Kirkwood Community College's Workplace Learning Connection Center at the Kirkwood Regional Center in Hiawatha. Students had the opportunity to explore a variety of STEM careers including careers in agriculture.

Morgan Hibbs, Linn County Farm Bureau and Shelby Shaefers, Buchanan and Delaware County Farm Bureau, co-hosted a workshop called STEM, AG and EDUCATION. Over 240 students attended the twelve time-slots between two available days throughout the four day institute.

During the 25 minute session, students discovered how agriculture impacts their everyday lives, explored the diversity of careers in agriculture and became an "expert" in a certain career which they then shared during one minute conversations with fellow classmates.

Students were engaged and genuinely curious about the importance of agriculture. Thank you Workplace Learning Connection for inviting us to present! What a wonderful experience!

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