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Introducing Ag in September!

Who is excited for school to start back up? We are! Year two will begin with new topics, updated lessons and diverse activities. Our monthly September lessons will introduce the term agriculture. Students will engage in hands-on activities as they explore the basics of where our food comes from.

Here is a list of our September lessons by grade:

Pre-school: Apple orchards Students will explore apples, apple trees and the life cycle of an apple orchard through literature and hands-on activities to better understand plants and how they provide for us.

Kindergarten: How to grow a pizza Students will learn about the sources and healthfulness of several common pizza ingredients.

First: My Life Box Students will explore what all living things need in order to survive through the creation of a life box.

Second: Hungry Caterpillar Students will begin to understand common agricultural products through a favorite childhood story, Hungry Caterpillar.

Third: Sand, Silt and Clay Students will conduct an experiment to observe soil particle size.

Fourth: Soil Students will partake in a three-part series about soil. In lesson one, students will identify the components of soil and demonstrate that soil contains air and water. Lesson two will help determine the water holding capacity of different soils and investigate how organic matter affects the amount of water a soil will hold and in lesson three students will begin to comprehend the importance of soil and how erosion plays a role in moving soil.

Fifth: Keeping Soil in it's place Students will be able to demonstrate a rain drop splash and determine it's impact on bare soil, ultimately being able to visually identify types of erosion.

Middle and High School: Middle and high school lessons will vary from class to class. Be sure to inquire about our one-time water quality, conservation, soil erosion, GMOs, and chemistry lessons.

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