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Youth participate in ISUEO-Linn County Farm to Fork Summer Day Camps!

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach- Linn County (ISUEO-Linn County) invited youth to participate in Farm to Fork local summer day camps. Two different camps were held for K-2 and 3-5 youth.

The camp "From Farm to Fork: Plant Detectives" was geared towards Kindergarten through 2nd grade and was held at Lowe Park, July 10; Wakema Park, July 12; and Wickiup Hill, July 16. Students were plant detectives for the day as they learned the amazing benefits of growing food. Youth learned how to grow and start their own seeds to take home and enjoyed making fresh salsa.

The camp "From Farm to Fork: Food and Agriculture Connections" was open to youth between 3rd and 5th grade and was held at Lowe Park on July 17th. Youth investigated the adventure of food from seed to the kitchen. They discovered how plants grow and how far they travel. Students explored how to make their own delicious snacks from scratch.

Camps allowed for collaboration with Linn County Farm Bureau, Linn County Conservation, Linn County Master Gardeners and 4-H Monarchs on the Move Project.

Linn County Farm Bureau Education Outreach Coordinator, Morgan Ball, presented during the morning half of the camp with activities that focused on corn and soybean production. Activities for Plant Detectives included seed germination necklaces, mighty soybeans and a life-cycle sequence. And activities for Food and Agriculture Connections focused on by-products. Students discovered corn packing peanuts, corn face paint and nutrition labels.

We want to thank ISUEO-Linn County for inviting Linn County Farm Bureau to participate in the Farm to Fork camps. Here is the link for ISUEO-Linn County summer day camps.

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