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Spring Agriculture Lessons

Wow what a fun couple of months! It might not feel like spring outside but it sure does feel like spring in the classroom! Students all over Linn County are learning about seed germination, soil, greenhouses and more.

In March our second grade students began the spring season learning how important greenhouse production is to agriculture. Students explored the art of planning a garden, choosing plants, planning a layout, preparing the soil and planting the seeds. Students certainly gained real-world experience through hands-on planning and planting.

This month second graders are creating a seed house. Students will observe the growth and development of seeds. They will compare the difference in germination between a corn and soybean seed. Two very important crops to Iowa agriculture.

I had the opportunity to learn about the lesson "Mighty Soybeans" at a STEM event with Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation. This is a great lesson for upper elementary and middle school. Students reviewed the process of germination while observing the power of seeds in Plaster of Paris. Seeds need water and warmth to germinate and in this case the seeds absorb the water from the plaster mixture.

This month fourth graders are learning about cover crops. A cover crop is grown during the cash crop off-season for the protection and enrichment of the soil. In this activity students learn about the importance of root structures by making their own "Cover Crop Monsters."

Seed germination necklaces are great for all elementary students! Many students believe seeds need sun, air, soil and water to germinate but did you know seeds don't need direct sunlight? Instead they need the heat from the sun. Seeds also don't need nutrients from the soil until they have roots. We have done this lesson with pre-school, 2nd grade, and fourth grade.

As you can see Linn County is learning a lot this spring. It is not to late to invite us to your classroom.

Email Morgan Ball at to learn more.

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