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The 100th Day of School

It is hard to believe the 100th day of school is almost here! Many of us will reach 100 on different days due to snow days, holiday break, etc. but how do you plan to celebrate with your students? I know how you can celebrate! AG STYLE!! Let's face it! Agriculture is AWESOME! My hope is that many of you are beginning to love agriculture as much as I do!

The 100th day of school was always very fun as a student! There is something about the 100th day that feels very accomplishing. Especially as a elementary student, when time moves slower. The 100th day of school is very exciting! I remember my mom counting out 100 pennies, pencils, cotton balls, and paper clips with me year after year throughout grade school in celebration of this momentous event.

I have a secret to share! I am a Pinterest guru at heart! I spend time pinning recipes, home decor, and holiday favorites but it can be consuming so discipline is key. Let me tell you...Pinterest has many great 100th day of school ideas! Why not celebrate with art?

Food is agriculture.

I had a tough time cramming all of my science ideas into the graphic above. The ways to recognize the 100th day of school through science are endless! Numbers + science= cross curriculum lessons.

Math is a given. The holiday has 100 in it's name! The 100th day of school is math within itself. Modify story problems to share the story of agriculture.

There are many STEM challenges that tie into agriculture but this one in particular is my favorite. Have the students build a tower using 100 packing peanuts made from corn. DYK, corn has over 100 by-products ;).

Happy 100th day of school!!

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