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All Things Harvest

Are you in a festive mood? I am! A warm pot of chili is simmering as I write. I am having so much fun integrating agriculture into fall lessons and I can't wait to continue as we move into November. This is probably my favorite time of year! So many fall agriculture topics complement Iowa Core Standards!

Topic ideas: National Pork Month, corn and soybean harvest, changing leaves, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, technology changes as we hop in the combine, etc.!

Below are a few fall highlights:

1. Pumpkins aren't just for Carving

Author: Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation

Target Grade Level / Age: 3rd through 5th grade

Description: Students will get a broader understanding about agriculture and the use of pumpkins. Students will learn about the life cycle of the pumpkin and the pumpkin industry. Students will practice math skills with measurements and make a pumpkin pie in a bag.

Many of their pumpkin drawings were orange and round but did you know pumpkins can be blue and flat? It was fun to watch their faces as I showed examples.

2. Bite into Apples

Author: Linn County Farm Bureau Education Outreach

Target Grade Level / Age: Preschool

Description: Students will explore apples, apple trees, and the life cycle of an apple orchard through literature and hands-on activities to better understand plants and how they provide for us.

Preschool students performed a sample test of three apples and used their five senses to distinguish the difference between texture, flavor, smell, etc.

3. Changing Colors of Fall

Author: Linn County Education Farm Bureau Outreach

Target Grade Level / Age: 2nd-3rd grade

Description: Students will learn all about Iowa harvest. Corn and soybeans will be explored through real life examples and hands-on activities.

4. Antique Tools

Author: Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation

Target Grade Level / Age: 6th-8th grade

Description: To learn about history and culture through the comprehension of antique farm machines and their present counter-parts.

Students had a lot of fun exploring harvest antique tools.

Want to see agriculture in your classroom? There is still time to schedule a fall lesson. Be sure to contact Morgan Ball at to book a date.

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