The 100th Day of School

It is hard to believe the 100th day of school is almost here! Many of us will reach 100 on different days due to snow days, holiday break, etc. but how do you plan to celebrate with your students? I know how you can celebrate! AG STYLE!! Let's face it! Agriculture is AWESOME! My hope is that many of you are beginning to love agriculture as much as I do! The 100th day of school was always very fun as a student! There is something about the 100th day that feels very accomplishing. Especially as a elementary student, when time moves slower. The 100th day of school is very exciting! I remember my mom counting out 100 pennies, pencils, cotton balls, and paper clips with me year after year through

By-Product Field Trip

I'm a by-product of ___________, and you use me to keep cuts and scrapes clean. Once you stick me on, I'll help you heal! What am I? Did you guess bandages? If yes, you are correct! Can you guess what bandages is a by-product of? Now it might take you a few guesses and there is probably more than one answer but if you said cattle, you know your ag products! Are you familiar with the sticky part? You know the part that stings like crazy when you rip it off? Yeah that one... well did you know the adhesive is a collagen-based adhesive made from cattle (and probably other animals)! On January 5th, Linn County Farm Bureau Education Outreach partnered with Marion Home School Assistance Program and

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